Thousands protest in Germany to back Yezidis cause


Kurdish women weeping Yezidi victims in northern Iraq during Saturday's rally in Bielefeld, Germany. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Bielefeld, Germany – In solidarity with Yezidi Kurds who suffer the most under operations of the Islamic State militants in northern Iraq, thousands protested in the German city of Bielefeld on Saturday.

The rally included numerous movements, parties and humanitarian organizations as well as representatives of different Islamic sects.

Assyrian and Syriac nationalist movements were among protesters as well as some German political parties such as CDU and SPD, with the presence of Bielefeld mayor. h

Speaking to ARA News in Bielefeld, Yezidi writer and researcher Fermaz Gharibo, head of Kanya Spi association, said: “Yezidis are pacifists. We call for brotherhood among the different religious and ethnic groups.”

“We demand the International Community to help our siblings in Shingal and find immediate solution for the expansion of terrorist groups (in reference to IS),” Gharibo said.

Head of the Democratic Society Movement “TEV-DEM” in Germany, Yoksan Kosh, talked to ARA News saying: “We demand all Kurdish parties to unite their efforts to face the Islamic State (al Qaeda splinter group known as IS, previously as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ‘ISIL’) and help the displaced people.” d

Speaking to ARA News during Bielefeld rally, representative of the Kurdistan National Union, Salam Abdulrahman, demanded the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi Central Government in Baghdad to stop IS attacks against Yezidis and Christians in Iraq.

“We also demand the United Nations to immediately interfere to save IS-held areas,” Abdulrahman continued.

Idris Hisso Murad, representative of the Yezidi House in Germany’s Oldenburg, pointed out to ARA News the objective behind their rally, saying: “It is meant to deliver the voice of our persecuted community to the whole world.”

Murad also made a plea to the International Community, wondering: “Where their conscience is before the massacres committed against the peaceful Yezidi people in northern Iraq.” 

Representative of the Armenian Association in Bielefeld talked to ARA News about their sympathy with Yezidis of Shingal and support to their cause, hoping “one day Yezidis will have their own state”.

Mohammad Tormali, representative of the Democratic Alawites Movement in Turkey, condemned in an interview with ARA News the massacres against Yezidis and demanded all parties to provide them with assistance. “We believe in the originality of the Yezidi history.”

Representative of the Kurdistan Islamic Society organization, Molla Saleh, also spoke to ARA News during Saturday’s rally, demanding Europe and the United States of America to interfere “in order to save Shingal from IS extremists”. k

“For thirty years in Germany, we have been working to include the Kurds and Turks in the German society,” said Tucjan Turan from the Democratic Work Association (DIDF). “We support all repressed peoples. We are here for Yezidis,” Turan told ARA News.

Representative of Yezidi House association in Bielefeld, Mr. Hussen, mentioned to ARA News that he hosted more than 260 Yezidi refugees in his house in Mardin, southeast of Turkey.

He also demanded all municipalities in Turkey to assist families fled from Shingal.

Barakat Resho, representative of Yezidi community in Syria, told ARA News: “We protested here to show our solidarity with our siblings in Shingal.”c

Risho demanded all relief organizations to deliver water and food to the besieged people in Sinjar mountain, where they resorted to after escaping their homes in Shingal for fear of IS militants.

Syrian legal activist Ibrahim Semo pointed out to ARA News the purpose behind their participation in Bielefeld rally, saying: “We want to point to the brutal violations Yezidis face in Shingal on the hands of the Islamic State’s terrorists and barbarians.”

“These forces want to exploit Islam to serve their shameful goals,” Semo added. n

Yezidi religious scientist Adnan Khirafay prayed for God’s support to the Kurdish forces who are defending Shingal, including the Popular Protection Units (YPG) – Syrian Kurdish force linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

A group of Kurdish poets also participated in the rally, including the prominent poet Jano Shakir who commented on the same issue saying: “We support Shingal and demand for a solution to put an end to the suppressive practices of IS terrorists.”

In the same context, 1500 Yazidis protested on Friday in front of the European Parliament in Brussels demanding the European Union to interfere in Shingal and end the crisis there. j

Moreover, the Kurdish community in Switzerland also rallied on Friday for the same purpose.


Reporting by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News

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