Syria Kurdish forces to prosecute opponents


PYD-linked Asayish forces in a meeting in northern Syria, with a picture of the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in the background. File photo

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey The General Command of Kurdish Assayish forces (linked to the Democratic Union Party “PYD”) notified in a statement all its checkpoints deployed in north and northeast of Syria to “arrest any civilian who may humiliate any of Assayish members”.

The notification stipulates “arresting any citizen who may humiliate a member of the Assayish security forces on their checkpoints or even underestimate the veneration of these checkpoints”.

The Assayish recent decision prevents arguing with any civilian, but rather to arrest them directly for two days.

“Administrative members should not tolerate any violations of reduce the imprisonment period,” the General Command of the Assayish said.

Talking to ARA News about the issue, lawyer Mustafa Misto, a member of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) , said: “This decision has no legal or legitimate basis. It encroaches upon citizens’ dignity.”

“This decision aims to suppress civilians and confiscate freedoms exactly like the Syrian regime’s practices which used to arrest people under pre-planned charges and prison them with no legal justification or basis, only on basis of Emergency Law with no trial,” Misto said.

Misto pointed out that such practices aim to force people serve certain political agendas for the sake of the sole authority imposed on the Kurdish-majority areas in Syria (in reference to the PYD and its allied forces).

The notification, numbered with 97, was issued on Sunday and published on entrances of the Assayish strongholds in northern Syria.

It was also distributed on the Assayish-held checkpoints security across the Kurdish-majority areas in Syria.


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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