Kurdish student shot dead in Syria’s Hasakah


From the Funeral of Dunya Sino, female student who was killed in Hasakah clashes

ARA News

Derbassiyeh, Hasakah, Syria− The 19-year-old Kurdish girl, Dunya al-Sino, was shot dead in the city of Hasakah when clashes erupted in the neighbourhood of the Faculty of Economic in the city’s university, where she used to study.

The city saw fierce clashes between forces loyal to the Syrian regime and opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army over the last week.

The Kurdish Students Union in Syria issued a statement condemning violence that targets students.

“We appeal to all parties involved to bear their responsibilities and stop the armed aspects near the schools and colleges in the area,” the statement read. “All regional and international organizations must take action to end violations against students in Syria, and prosecute those who are responsible for such incidents.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) called on the residents to take to the street to condemn the brutal incident.

A mass demonstration took place in the streets of the Kurdish town of Derbassiyeh, Dunya’s hometown.

Civil activists, students and residents participated in the demonstration, condemning violence that caused thousands of casualties among civilians across Syria and the Kurdish region. 

The demonstrators called on the international community to protect the campus and university students against violence caused by the 32-month conflict in the country.

Mustafa Osso, the secretary of the Kurdish Azadi Party in Syria (PAK) condemned the incident and described the victim saying: “Dunya al-Sino, the university student and the blooming rose.”

“She is another victim of the oppressive Syrian regime. She joined the convoy of martyrs of dignity and freedom to represent the unity of the blood of all Syrian martyrs. She is one of the flowers of aspirated Syrian future, where there will be no more place for tyranny, injustice and oppression,” Osso said.

Activist Aziz Qerno said that those who sacrificed and fell victims of brutality and violence will remain as a symbole for the “aspired freedom in Syria”. “

Residential neighbourhoods in the Kurdish areas, north-east of Syria, witnessed considerable disorder and security vacuum over the last few months, and continuous clashes and shelling against civil areas. 

In other development, sources told ARA News that the Kurdish city of Afrin, north of Aleppo, saw three explosions after being targeted by rocketsThe explosions resulted in the death of dozens of civilians and caused a massive destruction of residential buildings in the city.

Report by: Ahmad Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

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